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The Benevolence Ministry will assist Pastor in addressing and identifying the concerns & conditions of the members of the church and the needs of the community in relation to the wellbeing of people. This team supports families in need of rental assistance, food, gas, utility payments, and hardship emergencies.  They also provide counseling and resources to those who may need it in other arenas of their lives other than the physical needs.  Support for this ministry will come from the Change for Change offering taken on Sunday and other fund raising or donor support.

The Food Bank Ministry

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The Food Bank Ministry is designed to provide food for THWC members and the surrounding communities where food is needed. The food baskets are designed to feed a family of 4 with enough food for 10 days. The ministry also provides Thanksgiving & Christmas baskets. In addition to offering food the ministry prays and shares words of encouragement. If you find that you are in need of assistance please contact us and we will try to get you connected to the organization that can provide assistance.


Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry is designed to provide support to those who have a family member suffering from a loss of a loved one.  Members of this team must have a compassionate & sensitive heart. This Team will work alongside of Pastor in providing help and consolation for the family that is grieving. The Pastor and office staff will provide a resolution statement on behalf of the family

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